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Dances of Universal Peace

For the Whole Community
Please email Joanne to find out next gathering.

Since 2003, we have been meeting monthly at
at Errington Hall or Good Nature Farms in Coombs, BC.
Please contact Joanne Sales for time & location.


Directions to Good Nature Farms, BC Canada
Map to Errington Hall
Errington Hall, 1390 Errington Road, Errington, BC Canada

More about Dances on Vancouver Island.
More about International Dances of Universal Peace worldwide.


There is no charge but donations of $5 or $10 or more
are appreciated and needed. Come regardless of what
you can give. You are most welcome!

Contact: Joanne Sales 250-752-4816



Kombucha Workshops
Email joanne@glasswing.com
Only $25 for Kombucha mother & 1 1/2 hour workshop
The Legendary Ancient Health Drink for Pennies a Day
Comfortable friendly Kombucha workshops in Coombs, BC
More than 250 people have take the workshop since October 2012.
They are happily growing and drinking their own kombucha today.

Joanne has been growing & drinking Kombucha
for over 20 years - since 1992! Learn the secrets.
It's easy & fun.For energy, healing & self-sufficiency.
Workshops happen frequently at convenient times.
Join us!

Email Joanne with times you are available.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha (kom-boo-cha) is an ancient drink from Eastern China, that has now become a popular healing drink in North America. You can buy it in health food stores - or you can make your own once you have the Kombucha "SCOBY" or "Mother." You place the SCOBY on top of tea and sugar, and wait a week as the fermentation process turns the tea into a beneficial nutritional brew of organic acids, that help improve digestion, detoxify the body, provide glucosamine and B vitamins, and give increased energy It's easy and delicious.
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What will happen at the workshop:
• You'll get a quart jar with a healthy Kombucha Baby
• Full instructions and demonstration on how to grow your kombucha brew.
• Tasting Kombucha tea at different stages and with different teas.
• Practice washing the kombucha muchroom (SCOBY) & making your tea brew.
• Demonstration of how to store your kombucha tea and how to keep fresh drink always available.
• More advanced techniques - of how to create more fizz in your kombucha.

• Discussion of the health benefits of drinking Kombucha.
• You will learn to make a secondary fermentation - to bottle your kombucha with fruit or ginger added. It's easy & delicious!

Benefits of Kombucha:
Health benefits attributed to kombucha tea include stimulating the immune system, improving digeestion, gall bladder and liver function, detoxifying the body, balancing metabolism and raising energy levels. It's helpful for joint health as it can be converted into natural glucosamines. Kombucha tea contains B Vitabims (B1, B2, B7 and B12). B12 is particularly difficult to get in a vegetarian diet. We'll discuss the benefits of Kombucah more specifically at the workshop.
More information on workshop. Click here.
Directions to farm: Click here.

Email Joanne Sales for details. joanne@glasswing.com

Emotional Freedom Technique
Workshops & Private Sessions At Good Nature Blueberry Farm In Qualicum Beach,Vancouver Island, BC

EFT Workshops
What is EFT?

EFT workshops take place upon request - often once a month.
EFT often works where other strategies and medicines have failed. EFT is simple and puts healing literally into the hands of everyone. EFT is available to anyone anywhere at any time. EFT requires no belief. Time is irrelevant. It often brings relief to emotional and physical suffering that has persisted for decades. More information about EFT on www.eftuniverse.com

For information on BodyTalk: www.bodytalksystem.com
Joanne Sales, CBP

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Especially in May & June
Please join us then!