Emotional Freedom Technique
At Good Nature Farms
2795 Grafton Ave
Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island
Joanne Sales

Private Sessions

Directions to the Blueberry Farm
What would YOU like to focus on?
Clearing the Inner Basement
Physical Issues: Health, Healing Injuries,
Relieving Pain, Weight Issues
Habits of Body & Mind: Addictions, Old Patterns,
Obsessions, Negative Thinking
Changing Our Self Concepts
Performance Improvement
Forgiveness - “Releasing” for the Highest Good
Deepening Our Spiritual Journey
EFT is a great aid to meditation, a quiet mind,
forgiveness, and all levels of relationships.
Learn to Use EFT for yourself and others. Understand the
background and why EFT works. Practice. Watch
demonstrations. Experience both giving and receiving EFT
treatments. Borrow benefits from watching others work
through physical, emotional and life path limitations.
Clearing the Inner Basement
We know it's there. All that stuff. The unresolved issues, painful memories, walls of separation, guilt, anger, sadness. It just hangs around in the basement because we haven’t known how to resolve it. Now we have a powerful tool to take with us when we go down those basement stairs! EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is probably the simplist of the energy medicine techniques which are transforming the “healing world.” Eight simple tapping points applied while you focus the light of your awareness on that stuck issue, and it shifts.  Sometimes it dissolves.

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EFT Workshops and Private Sessions

Workshops at the Blueberry Farm

Small group workshops at the Blueberry Farm
are for those who want personal experience
and intensive practice in EFT. You can attend the
Small Group workshops again and again.
Each workshop is different. Bring your friends!

2 -2 1/2 Hour Workshop: $35
Frequently from 6:00-8:30 in the evening; day time also available.
Group sizes from 4 to 8, and are formed upon request.
Why are there no dates?
We arrange workshops whenever they are requested.

Private EFT Sessions

Private first sessions usually last 75 minutes: $75
Following sessions are $60 per hour.
Phone session: $60 for one hour.

It is amazing how quickly EFT will guide you to recognize and move towards resolving key issues in your life. EFT can be learned in 5 minutes, but knowing what to tap on, and how to uncover and resolve core issues improves with experience. Working with a trained practitioner will help you find the most efficient ways to work on your unique issues. You will continue with these self-healing tools at home - day or night. It is possible for me to come to your home.

Please email joanne for information
or to register: